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Hotel Edelweiss in Tel / Parcines near Merano
Pleasurable and relaxing holidays at the entry to Merano

Once, our house used to be a customs station. Carters used to stop here and change their horses. Of course there was also a bar for the visitors. Over time the bar became a guesthouse and the guesthouse became a hotel.
Now, Hotel Edelweiss is characterised by a mix of modern charm, hearty hospitality and tasty South Tyrolean cuisine. The house has been owned by the Schönweger Family for the past 100 years. The family has maintained, extended and adapted the guesthouse to meet the demands of modern tourism.

From the spacious car park you get into the open, bright hotel hall with reception and bar. The nooks and crannies remind you of a convent or an old manor. A refined illumination concept puts the pillars into place and underlines the special architectonic note.
Guests are lovingly welcomed at the reception. From here, the hospitality of the Schönweger Family radiates throughout the house. Just around the corner you'll find the open, inviting bar. The new dining room decorated in green is located adjacent to the bar. The calming green colour, the large windows and the stylish furniture provide a cosy atmosphere. If you prefer the ambience of a traditional wood panelled Stube room you can sit down in the 300-year old shingle Stube.
Not only in the restaurant, but also in the rooms and the wellness area, has the Schönweger Family shown their love for colours: sometimes warm pastel colours, sometimes a warm red-brown note, a strong apple green or a fresh grey. Everywhere in the house colours make the difference. The rooms, the garden and the wellness area are bright and light-flooded: be it in the pool or in the relaxation room, you always enjoy a view outdoors.
All in all Hotel Edelweiss is a house with tradition and South Tyrolean roots, where the past has been preserved and new, modern elements have been added. The symbiosis of old and new occurs in a natural, loving and hearty way. And this again mirrors the lifestyle of the hosts.

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